Rise and goodbye

Coming on a different street...

I`m in StandBy Mode today. I feel like a doctor in a ER without any charm! I`ve heard all the songs of the world, I sang in every tone I could, threw the "Metal against the clouds", I `ve been "down to the Dirty Boulevard”. I almost didn`t  hear the sound of the mad cow that screams out every day. I think I`ve been deaf to what is outside of me.

I`m blind, not dead. I think of taking out some of my blood. My veins are working hard! And the perfect pleasure, if it existed, it would stay outside of my house, I mean, the place I`m living now. I don`t give a damn, cause I`m in StandBy Mode, but the the StanBy Mode is not in me.


This StandBy Mode put me face to face to myself. But the sun today is out there chopping the wood, and I burn, burn myself ...
- Burn your skin before your head bursts into flames.
I can extinguish the fire with my blood, spilling it from the window of my house with no doors!

“Gigantic, gigantic”

27°C in this dusty winter! I `m throwing burning wood from my window, just to make it hotter.

Maybe I'm just "un chien Andalouse". And I keep following the road of excess, it can save me from mediocracy, these mess of the reality that is called society. These illusory torn pages. Do not read them. The plastic tainted pages of nowhere!
Enjoy, have fun with them, laugh on their face, but don`t believe in that story, don`t be part of them. Don`t write an empty page.

I exagerate in being myself, the silence comes as a hard rain, but it only makes me prettier and younger, the silence can say more than any word or picture. I will always be where I am, anywhere I go!

Rise and goodbye…


2 comentários:

robert disse...

Em stand by você ainda gasta energia. Ligue ou desligue.

Anônimo disse...

Switch off! You know that`s time to unloose, time to go, let`s go! leave everything, go anyway, but don`t stay there, you can feel that is sinking, and you`re not the style that sinks! You`re more, as told before, you are unique! hugs, my friend!!!